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Kickstart your fitness career

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personal trainer courses

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Hello Malaysia! How would you like to make a decent living doing something you are wildly passionate about?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, look no further. Being a personal trainer is a choice you won’t regret!

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Learn from the BEST in the industry!

As a Personal Trainer, You:

  • Escape a deskbound, 8-5 job!
  • Charge an average of RM150-210/session. The best personal trainers charge up to RM500/hour!
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Get to meet a wide variety of people, mainly highly paid professionals like lawyers, doctors or businessmen etc.
  • Don’t feel like you’re working at all when you’re doing something you love
  • Workout and keep yourself fit as part of your job
  • Get to be your own boss (doing freelance work)

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How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer?

  • Passion, passion and more passion!
  • Good knowledge on how to help your clients get MAXIMAL results in MINIMAL time 
  • You have to be a people person, to get along with anyone, even difficult people sometimes
  • Good ability to sell yourself and your services
  • Look your part as a personal trainer
  • Last but not least, a reputable personal trainer certification

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Armed with the internationally recognized National Council on Strength & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer Certification, your chances of success skyrockets!


Who Recognizes the NCSF Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer is recognized internationally.

In the United States of America, the NCSF has worked extensively with virtually every national fitness facility chain in the development, training and certification of current and future fitness personnel. NCSF personal trainer courses have also been peer reviewed and approved as a continuing education provider by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification, American Physical Therapy Association as well as the Commission for Dietetic Registration - the credentialing agency for the American Dietetic Association. No other personal trainer organization has earned as much recognition as the NCSF.


Who Else Needs the NCSF Credential?

Any individual associated with the promotion of health and fitness will benefit from attaining the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer credential. Current NCSF certified professionals include personal trainers, fitness directors, nutritionists, registered dieticians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, physical education instructors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, and fitness enthusiasts. In The United States of America, NCSF Certified Personal Trainer’s are well-respected members in the personal training industry and are employed in a variety of work settings including national fitness chains, local fitness facilities, privately owned gyms, personal training studios, hospital based wellness centers, and corporate fitness facilities. Many certified trainers have also gone on to start their own personal training businesses. Available jobs for qualified personal trainers are plentiful. Possessing the right skills and personality can get you a position in virtually any fitness training environment with the NCSF Certified Personal Trainer credential.

P.S.: For effective teaching, we keep class size to less than 20 per intake. This intake is almost full. Please register early to avoid having to wait until the next course.

P.P.S: Upon registration, course materials can be airmailed to you in Malaysia. The practical course & exam are held in Singapore over a weekend.

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